These 9 Unique Houses In Southern California Will Make You Look Twice… And Want To Go In

One of my favorite things to do when I travel around Southern California is drive through the neighborhoods and look at all of the unique architecture that pops up in each city. Many people think the houses in Southern California are nothing but stucco, but that is definitely not the case. Here are nine houses in Southern California that not only stand out architecturally, but most of them have a pretty interesting history as well. And because these houses are located in California, many of them have had appearances in movies and TV shows. You might even find that a few of these locations look very familiar to you.

What a mix of houses from the weird to the wacky to the wonderful. Most all of these locations are private residences, so if you find yourself going on a Sunday drive to see these homes please make sure to be respectful to the current owners as I imagine they receive a lot of traffic from curious folks like us who want to see a glimpse of their property in person.

Do you have any unique homes to suggest that should be added to the list? I would love to know so I can go check them out.