With Stream Crossings and Pools, The Peaceful Santa Margarita Preserve Trail In Southern California Is Unexpectedly Magical

Magical hiking places are like shapeshifters. You visit one day and find it a pleasant diversion. Then, because you have some time, you venture in again and find yourself unexpectedly spellbound. Light filtered through trees reflects off a ripple in the stream and gives you pause. A bird song begins before a breeze picks up. Ah, you think, this is the place. 

Santa Margarita Preserve Trail has become an alluring setting for my family, and we are always eager to go back again.

We look forward to eating at La Favorita Ranch Market after our hikes on the Santa Margarita Preserve Trail. We’ve done this every time and can’t imagine skipping it. I’m usually dreaming of tacos as I start the car. Give it a shot; there is a small walk-up window and comfortable patio to eat outside the store.

You will be glad you found the time to enjoy this special hike. Let us know if you do!


Address: Santa Margarita River Trail Preserve, 4251 River Edge Rd, Fallbrook, CA 92028, USA
Address: La Favorita Ranch Market, Temecula, CA 92590, USA