This Amazing Timelapse Video Shows Southern California Like You’ve Never Seen it Before

We all have our favorite parts of Southern California that we never tire of visiting, exploring or just daydreaming about. Whether you prefer the calm coastal side of SoCal or the glitz and glamour of the larger cities, there’s a special place for everyone to embrace in the Golden State.

In celebration of one of our favorite SoCal cities, here’s a rare look at Los Angeles like you’ve never seen it before. This spectacular timelapse tour across downtown Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley, and Hollywood will take you on a dazzling exploration of the city as it shifts between day and night. From towering buildings to the hidden corners of this vibrant city, you will see L.A. with a new set of eyes.

This stunning footage was captured by RalphGM and edited by RalphGM and RandyFX. The music in this video is Orchestral Rock Theme by Akashic Records. To see more timelapse footage of SoCal that will take your breath away, you should check out their other videos on YouTube.