11 Things Southern Californians Love To Brag About To Make The Rest Of The Country Beyond Jealous

Whether you’re originally from Southern California or you’ve lived here long enough to call this destination home, we can all agree that there’s nothing else quite like SoCal. From the joyous weather year-round to the incredible beauty in each and every corner, this is one spot that’s impossible to resist once you’ve had the chance to experience it for yourself.

There’s no question the rest of the country is jealous that we live here and we can’t help but rub it in. Here are just a few of the things we love to brag about to remind everyone just how jealous they should be.

How’s that for a dose of truth? Which ones do you love to brag about the most?

If you can relate to these 11 things, then you most likely will also agree with these 10 things that are so perfectly SoCal.