The Massive Food Extravaganza In Southern California That Will Make Your Mouth Water Uncontrollably

No matter what food item you’re craving right this second, I bet you’ll be able to find it at this massive food emporium located in Southern California. Spanning 30,000 square feet and housing multiple restaurants and unique food events, this is one destination where you can linger for hours and enjoy many types of unique eats and drinks. If you’re not hungry now, I bet you will be after you take a look at some of the yummy offerings you can find at this SoCal gem.

4th Street Market is located at 201 E 4th St in Santa Ana, CA. Have you ever been to this epic food emporium? There are so many unique restaurants serving unforgettable dishes that it’s almost impossible to decide which restaurant to try first. Do you have a favorite spot?

For 11 more places to make your mouth water, take a look at these SoCal restaurants that are full of history. Which one will you head to first?