Every Wednesday evening, as the sun sets over the Pacific Ocean, dozens of boats sail out of Marina Del Rey, California for a spirited race through the largest manmade small craft harbor in the world. These “Wet Wednesdays” have been a California Yacht Club tradition since 1964. Following each weekly race, participants gather on the patio at the CYC for refreshments as they eagerly await the weekly results.

The Sunset Series kicks off in April and culminates in September with the King of the Hill Regatta. This final race pits the best sailors in each of the eight classes against each other, and the winner is awarded the King of the Hill trophy. The grand finale to this fun series is an exciting event, but the weekly races throughout the summer offer an excellent midweek adventure in one of the most beautiful spots in Southern California.

This fantastic footage of the CYC Sunset Series was captured by Brad Coder using a DJ Phantom 3 drone; you can find more of Brad’s awesome work on his YouTube channel. Thanks to Jeff Walker for his help putting this piece together!

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