If You Know What These 9 Words Mean, You’ve Lived In Southern California For Far Too Long

Just like every place has its own lingo, Southern California is no different. Separate from the northern part of the state, the valley has some vernacular heavily influenced by surf culture and the entertainment industry. Not to mention, there are also tons of SoCal stereotypes we associate with television. But don’t worry – even if you’re from out of town, we’ve compiled a list of all of the words you need to sound just like a local. As you read on, keep in mind, this piece is all for good fun and is meant to be tongue-in-cheek!

Use this cheat sheet for your next trip to SoCal to sound just like a local. What are some phrases or words that you think are unique to the state? Let us know in the comments! For another fun culture piece, check out our article on 10 Undeniable Ways You Know You’re From Southern California.

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