The Picturesque Mountain Town In Southern California That’s Perfect For A Day Of Hiking

If you’ve spent enough time in Southern California, you already know that the town of Ojai is a delightful place to visit all year long. We even wrote a feature article right over here that you might want to check out about all the things you can see and do in this peaceful destination.

But one thing you may not know about Ojai is that it’s a picture-perfect place to escape for an incredible day of hiking. With a variety of trails to discover that will bring out the nature lover in you, Ojai is an obvious getaway for a splendid way to embrace your outdoorsy side. Here are a few of our favorite trails that we think you’ll enjoy for a day or weekend of hiking in Ojai.

So there you have it — a perfect way to enjoy a day of hiking in our favorite mountain town. What do you think of these hikes in Ojai? If you have other trails that you’ve enjoyed discovering in this part of Southern California, please let us know which ones you’d suggest adding to our list.

If you’re seeking a memorable place to stay the night while visiting Ojai, we think you’ll enjoy reading about this unique Inn for lodging. It looks like a beautiful place for an overnighter.