These 9 Songs About Southern California Will Touch Your Soul Today

There are several songs that come to mind that capture the essence of Southern California. Here are the 9 quintessential songs to add to your SoCal playlist that will take you back to a perfect day in Southern California. Sit back, relax, and turn up the sound on your speakers, as these songs will bring a big smile to your face. Enjoy!

1. Ventura Highway by America

Ventura Highway is the ultimate summer song best listened to with windows rolled down and the cool SoCal breeze tickling your cheeks. Love this tune!

2. Hotel California by The Eagles

Who doesn’t love Hotel California??! I promise I won’t tell if you start doing an air guitar solo while listening to this song. You know you want to!

3. California Sun by The Ramones

This peppy song is a nice ode to the warm sunny days we all know and love in Southern California.

4. Hollywood Nights by Bob Seger

Hollywood Nights is one of those songs that instantly takes you back to 1970s California. How perfect that Bob Seger is playing this song live in Southern California in this video. It may not be in Hollywood, but San Diego will have to do.

5. California by Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell sure knows how to make us fall in love with Cali. It’s hard not to listen to this song over and over again. Such a great classic!

6. It Never Rains In Southern California by Albert Hammond

If this SoCal song isn’t already in your playlist, you’re sure missing out.

7. California Girls by The Beach Boys

A Southern California playlist wouldn’t be complete without adding something from The Beach Boys. Grab your sunscreen and a beach towel as you will be ready for a day in the sand after hearing this song.

8. I Love LA by Randy Newman

Even if you don’t love LA, it’s hard not to love this classic tune from the early 80s by Randy Newman. It’s pure happiness in a song.

9. Disneyland by Five for Fighting

Here’s something a bit more contemporary to add to your list of SoCal tunes. This isn’t an oldie, but it sure is a goodie. Warning: You may feel the need to take a trip to Disneyland after listening to this song. Just sayin’!


Hope you’ve enjoyed this Southern California playlist. Isn’t it amazing how songs can transport us back to the exact moment when we were listening to them? Which ones are your favorites on this list?