National Geographic Just Named This California Trail One Of The Best In The World

California is officially home to one of the best hiking trails in the world! The Sierra High Route in Southern California was once honored as one of the top best trails on earth (yup, all of it) by National Geographic, and you know they know a thing or two about natural beauty! Andrew Skurka, an acclaimed long-distance hiker, guide, and writer, calls the High Sierra “the most majestic and rugged mountain range in the Lower 48.”

The trail is about 195 miles in length, but you don’t need to be a world-class hiker to taste the beauty of this route. Though tackling the trail in its entirely is challenging, you can easily hop on the trail as it passes through one of its five main segments in Kings Canyon National Park, the John Muir Wilderness, the Ansel Adams Wilderness, Yosemite National Park and the Hoover Wilderness. Wherever your adventures in SoCal take you, this one is sure to create the adventurous memories of a lifetime!

If you’re looking to experience this stunning trail, it’s best to go during the summer or early fall. By this time, the high-elevation snows have melted, and you’ll be treated to clear skies and stunning green vistas. It’s also recommended that hikers journey from south to north on this trail. One thing is for sure: the Sierra High Route in Southern California is an incredible hike that you will never forget, whether you take pictures or not. The beauty is so captivating that it’s simply impossible to forget.

Though hiking the entire trail in one trip is best suited to those with some notable experience under their belt, there’s no reason not to get out there and check out at least a portion of the trail for yourself – or even conquer it in parts. The High Sierra Route is truly one of the most spectacular ways to experience the grandeur of this region, and we cannot recommend it enough.


Address: Sierra High Route, Sierra High Rte, Mammoth Lakes, CA, USA
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Sierra High Route in Southern California

June 19, 2021

Where can I go hiking in Southern California?  

Luckily for those of us who love hiking, there are more than plenty of awesome places to go hike in beautiful Southern Cali. There’s a certain magic to SoCal trails; they’re all beautiful in their own special ways, and the only way to truly experience Southern California is to try and hike them all – which might be impossible unless you’ve got a few years to spare. Some of the most highly sought-after trails include gems like the Solstice Canyon Trail, in the Santa Monica Mountains, where you might think you’ve died and gone to heaven! There’s also the experience of hiking the San Jacinto Mountains, which are among the tallest in the southern portion of the state. Need more? This article should serve as a little inspiration.  

 What are the best hiking trails in Southern California? 

Well, deciding which ones are THE best is certainly subjective, and it’s nearly impossible to select just a few. However, we can try; some of our favorite places to hike in Southern California include breathtaking trails like the Sierra High Route, which you’ve just read about (seriously, go. Go see it. Right now. We’ll wait), and the Mount Wilson Trail offers incredible views that you can’t find in most of California. If you’re more of a desert-lover, you can’t miss the Kelso Dunes nestled within the Mojave National Preserve.  

 What are some things to do outdoors in Southern California? 

Just about anything you can do outdoors anywhere else, you can do here! Of course, it gets a bit warm in the summer months, but that’s okay – there are plenty of indoor activities to take part in, too, but right now, let’s focus on some fun outdoor activities. There are traditional things like fishing, hiking, hunting, and camping, but you can also shoot incredible landscapes here, too. If you’ve got little ones, there are plenty of super-fun splash pads to take them to all over SoCal. You could also browse a flea market, or an outdoor mall, and look for that perfect next outfit.  

Address: Sierra High Route, Sierra High Rte, Mammoth Lakes, CA, USA