The Sinister Story Behind The Popular Lake Morena In Southern California Will Give You Chills

Found east of San Diego in Campo, California is the pretty but haunted Lake Morena. It might look unassuming, but there are definitely some creepy stories about this place that may make you pause before deciding to go camping here. But if you’re feeling brave, it might be your new favorite spot. From visible ghosts to mysterious sounds, Lake Morena is the place to go for chilling experiences.

Whether you see or hear the mysterious beings, it’s sure to be an interesting stay. Have you gotten to stay at this unsettling location? Did you see any ghosts or hear any ghostly footsteps? We would love to hear about your experience!

Check out more information about Lake Morena. It’s undoubtedly the most haunted lake in Southern California.

Address: Lake Morena, California 91906, USA