The Old-Timey Farm In Southern California That’s Hiding In The Middle Of The City

When most people picture Southern California, it’s often the pristine sandy beaches and towering palm trees that come to mind. But SoCal is also home to some pretty fantastic rural settings and some of them are even hiding right in the middle of the city.

For example, you’d never guess this delightful farm was only minutes away from the city. Show up for a visit and you’ll be transported back in time to when life moved at a much slower pace. Here’s a closer look at this charming old-timey farm.

What a delightful little farm to discover in Southern California. W.D. Dickinson Farm is located at 1430 E 24th Street, National City, CA 91950. If you’d like more details about this local gem you can find additional information on their website right over here.

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