Dig For 8 Different Types Of Authentic Gemstones At Oceanview Mine In Southern California

Southern California is famous for its gorgeous landscapes. It is also famous for its gemstones, the quality of which is coveted by jewelers both locally and overseas. Believe it or not, there’s one local mine that allows you to dig for gems to this day. Pile on the sunscreen and pack a bit of bug spray, because you’ll want to spend all day under the sun at this incredible gem mine. The Oceanview Mine in Southern California is an adventure you won’t soon forget!

There’s nothing quite like digging for gems in Southern California! Have you ever visited this remarkable site? What treasures have you found? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Can’t get enough of the local landscape? We don’t blame you! You can enjoy its majesty all day long by embarking on these incredible hikes in Southern California.

Address: 37304 Magee Rd, Pala, CA 92059, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

Oceanview Mine in Southern California

August 02, 2021

Are there any mines in Southern California?  

There most certainly are – and there’s a bunch of ‘em, too! The state of California currently has more than 700 active mines, many of which are in the southern portion of the state. Many more of those mines are abandoned or inactive, but still famous for their histories. For example, the Big Horn Mine, located in the Angeles National Forest, is one of the most famous old mines of the gold rush, and you can hike up to it to this day. There are even some mines you can still visit to this day, the most famous of which is The Eagle Mining Company, in Julian.  

Where can I go for a day trip in Southern California?  

Southern California is home to some of the most classic attractions there are, like Disneyland, for example. There’s also the world-famous Venice Beach, and nearby, the town of Los Angeles is great for those who are interested in Hollywood and its history. Santa Barbara is another excellent place to visit, where the beaches are pristine and sandy. If you crave more of a mountainous experience, no need to worry – the small town of Big Bear is a great one, with plenty of natural beauty and great lodging, not to mention excellent local restaurants. Orange County is beautiful, too, with some of the most famous beaches in the country. And, of course, what list of ideas for a Southern California day trip would be complete without mentioning beautiful, sunny San Diego? None! Need some more ideas? Check out this list of the nine best road trips you can do in SoCal. 

What are some fun things to do in Southern California? 

Southern California is a wonderful state for fun. It seems like the entire world knows this, as during the summers, the roads and beaches are packed with excited visitors eager to see the beauty of the region. Visit San Diego and lounge on the beach all day or take your pick of any of the other 69 or more beaches to relax at. Visit a world-famous attraction like Disneyland, or walk the world-famous Hollywood Boulevard. You can also go to places where Southern California’s natural beauty really shines (other than the ocean), like the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve, or beautiful Malibu Creek State Park. The possibilities are endless, so go out and explore this beautiful place!  

Address: 37304 Magee Rd, Pala, CA 92059, USA