This Timelapse Footage Of Los Angeles From Above Is Absolutely Mesmerizing

To everyone else, Los Angeles means a lot of things; rush hour traffic and smog, an intimidating microcosm of urban life or, on the flip side, “celebrity central,” the land of the rich and the famous, where you flock to to become a star (ha!). But we know that we live in the City of Angels, and we are the heart and soul of this city, the Capitol of Southern California, and there is so much more here than just Hollywood and Compton.

This timelapse video, shared by chrispzero on YouTube and dedicated to the people of Los Angeles, shows off the glittering richness that we don’t bother to hide… you just have to open your eyes to see the treasure.

The view is quite lovely up here, don’t you think?

To see other stunning timelapses like this one, check out the chrispzero YouTube channel!