The Mesmerizing Lava Tube Hiding In Southern California That Is Sheer Magnificence

There is a natural wonder in Southern California that must be seen to be believed as it is pure untouched beauty like you’ve never witnessed before. And, unlike many things this precious, you can actually see it for yourself in person. Here’s a look at this rare gem hiding in SoCal that will bring out the explorer in you. Did you have any idea this spot even existed?

To experience the sheer magnificence of this cave, take a look at the breathtaking four minute video captured by the talented Matt Skuta,who takes us on an inside tour of this fascinating natural wonder.:

Isn’t this stunning? Like I said, this is one spot you’ll want to see in person. Make sure to take a friend as this isn’t a place you’ll want to explore alone. And fill up your water bottle — it gets scorching hot out here.

If you love discovering unique rock formations you might also like the fascinating Vasquez Rock Formation that has been gracing SoCal for over 25 million years. So much beauty to discover in Southern California.


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