The Magical Lake In Southern California That Is A Picture-Perfect Outdoor Oasis

When people think of Southern California, they often think of nothing but sandy beaches and crystal clear blue ocean waves. But SoCal is so much more than a day at the beach, as we also have some pretty impressive lakes.

For a relaxing getaway that’s filled with hiking, boating, fishing and picnicking, take a look at this charming lake in SoCal that’s an easy day trip that everyone will enjoy.

Have you ever spent any time at Lake Murray? What did you think? To find this SoCal destination, just head to 5540 Kiowa Drive in La Mesa.

For another lakeside excursion the whole family is guarunteed to love, you’ll want to take a look at these breathtaking cabins on the water: These Floating Cabins In Southern California Are The Ultimate Place To Stay Overnight This Summer.