The Hike To This Telescope Lookout In Southern California Is Positively Delightful

I’m a sucker for a scenic hike. Take me on a trail that leads to panoramic views and I’m like a happy pup with my head hanging out the car window. And just when I thought I had experienced all the best trails in Southern California, I accidentally stumbled upon this incredible hike with a delightful surprise that’s unlike any trail I’ve ever experienced in SoCal.

Ever heard of Inspiration Point? Not the one from Happy Days, but the one located in SoCal? That’s where we’re headed on this little adventure and it’s a beauty. Take a look and see for yourself and let me know if you’ve ever hiked this spot before. Are you as in love with it as I am?

So there you have it! One of my all-time favorite trails that will challenge you and completely leave you in awe at the same time. If you haven’t yet hiked the Castle Canyon Trail to Inspiration Point, mark a date on your calendar and gather your friends. You’ll need some buddies on this trip so you can photograph each other in front of all those telescopes. That will make for one fine FB cover photo if you ask me.

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