You’d Never Know One Of The Most Incredible Natural Wonders In Southern California Is Hiding In This Tiny Park

Natural wonders just seem to light us up, cause us to marvel, and feed our souls. Often, when we think of natural wonders, we tend to think of stationery things that have formed over time, like rock formations, waterfalls, sand dunes, caves, and canyons. But the natural world has other wonders, too, that move, that come and go with the seasons. In the west, one of these wonders is the annual Monarch butterfly migration. Though you would never guess it from outside the park, an excellent place to see these butterflies in Southern California is a small Eucalyptus grove located in Santa Barbara Shores Park.

The number of butterflies at overwintering sites in Southern California varies from year to year and month to month, but when they are present, it is an incredible thing to observe. Have you seen the Monarch butterflies in Goleta? Tell us about your experience in the comments. We also have a few other natural wonders in SoCal to share with you.

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