This Strange Phenomenon In Two Southern California Towns Is Too Weird For Words

The concept of gravity is pretty straightforward, right? Things are supposed to roll downhill not uphill. But that’s not the case for these two roads in Southern California that seem to completely defy the law of gravity, as objects on these hills have been caught on camera clearly rolling up the hill instead of down. Take a look for yourself at these gravity defying spots in Altadena and San Diego in SoCal. What you’re about to see will blow your mind.

Here’s a video that shows Altadena’s gravity hill in action.

Another gravity defying hill in Southern California is located in San Diego County in Ocotillo at the Mountain Springs exit right off the I-8 freeway heading west. To experience this for yourself, stop your car at the stop sign and put your car in neutral. Sit back and relax as your car will start rolling uphill back to the top of the exit. As I mentioned, it’s right off the freeway so be cautious and make sure to use your emergency flashers. I realize this is the kind of thing you must see to believe, so if you’re not convinced yet then check out this footage of San Diego’s “Gravity Hill.”

So whaddya think – is this for real or is it just a strange optical illusion?