This Bizarre Desert Lake In Southern California Has An Entire Beach Made of Fish Bones

While Southern California is known for its pristine beaches and sandy shores, not every place has such beautiful scenery. As you head east into Death Valley, there’s a creepy desolate resort town in Mecca, California that has an entire beach made of fishbones. Known for its high concentration of salts and toxic water, The Salton Sea has a mysterious past that doesn’t leave much alive in its path.

You certainly don’t come across a beach made of fishbones every day. While this is not the kind of shore you want to hang out on and get a suntan, but it can be a fascinating place to visit and sightsee.

With all of its strange character, would you visit the Salton Sea? Learn more about the abandoned town of Bombay Beach and why it’s the creepiest town in Southern California.

Address: Salton Sea, California, USA