With the time of year approaching the warmest of days once again here in Southern California, now is the perfect time to start planning all the fun summertime adventures you’ll be having in a few months when we are able to go out and about and enjoy all the fun and beauty that our state has to offer. Here are eight of the best day trips in Southern California that you’ll want to start planning now for a fun and memorable season!

What are you looking forward to the most this coming summer? If you have any ideas for the best day trips in Southern California to embark on this season, we’d love to hear about where you’re planning to go!

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Best Day Trips In Southern California

What are some nice, unique things to do around Southern California?  

Southern California is home to lots of offbeat and unique things to do; from cemeteries to epic hikes and everything in between, there really is something for everyone in this little corner of the world. For example, in Hollywood, you’ll find the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, which is the final resting place of hundreds of celebs, past and present, including the likes of Marilyn Monroe. It’s a little odd that these people can’t seem to get peace even in death, but we digress – it’s certainly a unique thing to do in Southern California. While in Hollywood (and continuing the morbid streak here), be sure to also explore the Museum of Death... if you dare. Need a little more lightheartedness in your life? Yeah, same. Check out some of the awesome scenic drives that are uniquely ours, like the stunning drive that is the Mulholland Highway, or a spin up (or down) Highway 1. There is plenty of hiking, biking, shopping, walking, and exploring to be done – you just need to know where to do it. Want some more ideas? Check this article out. 

What are some of the most amazing getaway spots in Southern California? 

When people think about their ideal getaway, they almost always imagine something to do with California. Maybe it’s our amazing beaches and breathtaking greenery. Maybe it’s our interesting history or our eye-popping beautiful scenic drives. No matter what “it” might be to you, one thing is for sure: Southern California is perfect for a getaway. Some of our favorite getaway spots in Southern California include the classics, like a stroll down the pier (any pier) or a date night on the beach. Others include incredible resorts and resort towns like Anaheim, Santa Barbara, San Diego, and more. Catalina Island is amazing, and so is pretty much all of Pacific Beach. For those who love the outdoors, consider an escape to Idyllwild, or maybe Joshua Tree National Park. Southern California is amazingly scenic (and diverse), and just about anyone is likely to find their dream escape around here.  

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