When you live in Southern California, celebrity sightings aren’t nearly as exciting as they are for visitors. Really, if we all stopped to take a photo every time we saw someone famous, we would get nothing else done. So we go about our daily lives, even if we happened to stand behind a famous actor in line for coffee or watched a gaggle of photographers trail behind the subject of the latest media scandal on our way to work.

But some days, celebrity run-ins just make us smile, especially when it comes to the classic stars – those who aren’t splashed across tabloid headlines. These diners at Denny’s in Santa Monica got an extra special treat when Dick Van Dyke, along with the members of his Vantastix quartet, put on a little show for their fans. Van Dyke, who starred in the movie “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” in 1968, started up with the movie’s theme song and transported us straight back to our childhood (we loved this movie!)

Dick Van Dyke has an epic career that has lasted more than seven decades, and with five Emmys, a Tony, and a Grammy under his belt, there’s no denying that he certainly earned his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (as well as his induction into the Television Hall of Fame and his Screen Actors Guild Lifetime Achievement Award).

While young Hollywood might get all of the press (for better or worse), legends like Dick Van Dyke are still the most exciting to see in real life! He’s looking pretty darn good for a 90-year-old!

This video was shared on YouTube by Cindy Rohrbough. We’re jealous of her front-row view, but so happy she shared it with the world!

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