Get Away From It All At This Crystal Clear Lake In Southern California

If you love seeking out fantastic destinations in the great outdoors, you can always count on Southern California to deliver a pretty epic experience. From beaches to lakes and plenty of towering mountains, SoCal is an outdoor paradise.

For those of you on the hunt for a lake getaway this season, we have found the perfect place to be where the water is crystal clear, the mountain views are stunning, and the air is so fresh and clean your lungs will thank you. Here’s a closer look at what you’ll find when you visit this beautiful lake in Southern California.

This sure looks like a perfect place to cool off in Southern California. To reach Silverwood Lake, just head to Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area at 14651 Cedar Circle, Hesperia, CA 92345. To learn more about Silverwood Lake, you can find additional details on the website for the California Dept of Parks and Recreation right over here.

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