There’s nothing better than taking a dip in a pool of cool water after a long hike in the outdoors. If you’re up for an extremely challenging hike with a wonderful payoff, you’ll want to check out this beautiful waterfall and refreshing swimming hole in Southern California where you’ll be rewarded for all your hard work out on the trail. It’s almost unreal, something from a fairy tale, coming across a fun and well-trafficked waterfall swimming hole in SoCal.

Before you get started, you’ll want to make sure you prepare properly as this is no ordinary waterfall hike in SoCal. The challenging conditions and hot temperatures can be overwhelming. Make sure to pack lots of water as dehydration is a great risk. If you have a furry friend coming along with you, also make sure to bring water for your four-legged buddy. Still, the hike to Cedar Creek Falls remains one of the best outdoor adventures in SoCal, and it’s truly unforgettable.

You can find Cedar Creek Falls by starting at the trailhead at 15519 Thornbush Road in Ramona, CA. Make sure to pack lots of water is it can be a scorcher out there. You’ll also want to plan in advance for a permit as you will need to have one in order to access the trail. You can find out more about how to obtain a permit at this website.

Let me repeat, this can be a very challenging hike and dehydration is a great risk if you don’t plan ahead. To find out more about proper preparation, head to the website of the Cleveland National Forest to make sure you have everything you need before you take this hike. Also, please note that certain times of year the water is not appropriate for swimming, so make sure to check the Website before you depart to ensure you are swimming in safe water.

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Waterfalls In SoCal

What are the best waterfall hikes in SoCal?

SoCal is most commonly known for its stunning coastal vistas and remote desert landscapes, but some of the best waterfall hikes can be found in the heart of the region. Eaton Canyon Falls can be found in the Greater Los Angeles area, and it’s a very accessible waterfall with less than a mile hike to its base. A hike to Three Sisters Falls in San Diego county promises steep climbs and slippery rocks, so the hike is a bit more challenging. The waterfall is a three-tiered beauty, so rest assured that the pay-off is truly incredible. San Antonio Falls can be hiked in San Bernardino County and remains one of the most popular hikes due to its size and accessibility.

What are the most well-known waterfalls in SoCal?

Perhaps the most well-known falls in SoCal are Fish Canyon Falls, located in Duarte. It’s an awe-inducing, gushing water feature that is fairly easy to get to and gathers a crowd at its torrential peak. San Antonio Falls is also fairly well known for its alpine backdrop, and we’d recommend heading to Forest Falls in the same vicinity to explore what is normally a fairly arid region. Any waterfall in the SoCal region is stunning, truly, for its varied backdrop and beautiful local scenery.

What are the best outdoor adventures in SoCal?

Lucky for locals, there are all sorts of fun outdoor activities to do in SoCal. If you’re looking to kayak or canoe there’s a slew of inland lakes and rivers, and rock climbing, hiking, ziplining, and birding are also popular in the southern region of the state. Make sure you get out on the ocean to boogie board or perhaps try to pop up on a surfboard sometime. There’s no end to the outdoor fun in SoCal, and we’d highly recommend preparing for whatever you’re planning to do outside with plenty of water and snacks. Both the winters and summers can be hard on the body!

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