This Canopy Walk In Southern California Will Make Your Stomach Drop

Ready for an incredible outing in Southern California with a stunning panoramic view of the San Gabriel Mountains? For an experience you’ll never forget, head to Big Pines Ziplines in Wrightwood for a breathtaking forest adventure and guided canopy tour at the magnificent Wrightwood Guest Ranch.

Imagine the thrill of gliding through a dense forest 300 feet off the ground and walking across a narrow sky bridge nestled high up in the trees. What an exhilarating way to experience an afternoon of fresh mountain air. Can you smell those pine trees yet?

What a memorable day in the woods! Do you think you can stomach this kind of adventure? Even if you’re not up for the real thing, the pictures alone are a thrill to experience so I hope you’ve enjoyed the slideshow.

To check out schedules, prices and more information, head to Big Pines Ziplines for more information.