SoCal isn’t exactly the first place that comes to mind when you think of a snowy Christmas village. But, if you’ve spent enough time in the golden state you know exactly where to go to find one of the most enchanting Christmas towns in Southern California. There’s just something so magical and sweet about Christmas in Big Bear village in Southern California.

Whether you’ve visited this destination many times before or you’ve always had it on your bucket list, a trip to Big Bear’s main street during the holiday season is pure Christmas magic. For adults and children alike, there’s a little something for everyone here in the city. Take a look and fall in love, friends. Southern California has a little magic yet.

What a magical place to visit! Where’s your favorite Southern California town that offers a fun and festive main street during the Christmas season? Have you ever spent Christmastime in Big Bear Southern California?

Looking for more ways to embrace this holiday season in SoCal? We think you’ll enjoy these amazing Christmas displays in Southern California that love going all-out for the holidays. 

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Christmastime in Big Bear in Southern California

What is winter in Southern California like?  

Great news for those who hate the snow: Southern California has wet and mild winters. And by wet, we mean rain – not snow. In the coastal regions, the average daytime winter temperature is about 70 degrees, which is quite pleasant. Some days, it might even spike as high as 80 degrees, though that’s uncommon. It does rain much more during the winter months than in summer, and generally, winter is a great time for Southern California to catch up on its rainfall totals (though it’s still in a pretty nasty drought). It’s so pleasant here that plenty of folks from colder places like the northern United States and the Midwest come out here – they “flock”, and they’re often called “snowbirds” - to get away from the intensely frigid and icy/snowy winters where they live. Southern California is a wonderful place to be, year-round, hands-down.  

What are some beautiful places in Southern California? 

Northern California seems to get all the rep as a beautiful place, but don’t ignore Southern California! It’s got plenty of beautiful places and natural landmarks to explore that you’re sure to love. In San Diego, you’ll find a beautiful little paradise called Cabrillo National Monument. There, you’ll discover a tide pool and a fascinating secret sea-cave that you’ve just got to see to believe. On the world-famous Laguna Beach, you can find the remnants of an old castle – literally! It’s called Victoria Tower, and it’s ridiculously photogenic. You’re going to love it! Then there are the tide pools at La Jolla, and Crystal Cove State Park is to die for. For more of our absolute favorite, must-see beautiful places in Southern California, take a look at this article. There are many, many more beautiful places in Southern California that we just don’t have the space to mention, so make sure to do some digging and really get into the amazingness of this region. 

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