These 9 Restaurants In Southern California Have Fries So Good You Can’t Handle It

We’re on a bit of a food kick here at Only In Your State. Yesterday we were drooling over the best sandwiches in SoCal and earlier in the week our sweet tooth was going crazy over a bunch of decadent desserts. So what food item are we obsessing over today? Fries! Greasy fries, healthy fries, sweet potato fries, carne asada fries…and the list goes on. Want to join me on my quest for the best fries in Southern California? Here are the 9 spots that are on my “must eat today” list.

If you need a little more sustenance to keep you going than just a bunch of fries, head on over to our list of where to find the best burgers in SoCal. If you’re going to indulge in fries you may as well add a burger to the plate, right?