There’s An All-You-Can-Eat Pizza Shop In Southern California And It’s Positively Scrumptious

Did you know Southern California was home to a scrumptious all-you-can-eat pizza buffet where you can devour as much pizza as you can handle? If you love pizza (and who doesn’t?) then make sure to check out this pizza shop in SoCal that serves some of the best pizza on the planet.

If you want to try the pizza buffet at Mountain Mike’s, you’ll have plenty of locations to choose from throughout Southern California. The Lake Forest location, featured here, can be found at 22942 Ridge Route Dr., Lake Forest, CA 92630.

Can’t get enough of SoCal’s many pizzerias? Here are 10 pizza shops in Southern California that are worth a visit.

Address: 22942 Ridge Route Dr., Lake Forest, CA 92630