Step Inside The Creepy, Abandoned Town Of Bombay Beach In Southern California

When it comes to all-time lows, both figuratively and literally, you just can’t get any lower than California’s Bombay Beach. For starters, it’s located at the southern end of the San Andreas Fault. So close, in fact, that this place has seen as many as 200 earthquakes in just one day. But that’s nothing in comparison to the luckless history surrounding this community on the Salton Sea. There’s a reason why people consider this the creepiest abandoned town in Southern California.

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In 2010, the U.S. Census-designated area known as Bombay Beach had a recorded population of 295 residents, down from 366 in the 2000 census. Most residents live in an area segregated from the ruins depicted in this article.

Have you visited Bombay Beach, which many consider to be the creepiest abandoned town in Southern California? What do you think are some of the scariest places in Southern California? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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Address: Bombay Beach, CA 92257, USA
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creepiest abandoned town in Southern California

September 30, 2019

What other abandoned places are there in Southern California?

There are several fascinating abandoned places in Southern California. For a spooky adventure, visit the remains of Griffith Park Zoo. This old attraction opened in 1912 and only had 15 animals. The park closed in 1966, and has been abandoned ever since. As you explore the decaying cages and rotting buildings, you’ll feel like you entered another world. This place will definitely make your imagination run wild. For another creepy adventure, visit Palos Verdes and search for the remains of a 1960s boat wreck. The rusty machinery leaves its print into the sand, and the result is absolutely eerie.

Are there any hiking trails to abandoned places in Southern California?

The Solstice Canyon Trail, located in the Santa Monica Mountains, leads to one of the most incredible abandoned places in Southern California. As you follow the idyllic trail, you’ll be met with astounding beauty. Soon, you’ll come across an old abandoned mansion. This once magnificent structure fell victim to a forest fire. All that remains are the rotting walls and decaying foundation. Want to learn more about this 3-mile hike? Read our feature article here.

What ghost towns can you find in Southern California?

There are so many unique ghost towns in Southern California. For an exciting excursion, head to the town of Darwin. This small town thrived in the 1870s and had about 3,000 residents. By 1880, most of the miners moved away, and the town’s population dwindled to about 100 people. In the 1900s, Darwin saw a small growth, but it ultimately fell again when a fire hit the mine in 1917. If you visit today, you’ll see old wooden houses standing in eerie silence. To learn more about Southern California’s ghost towns, read our article here.

Address: Bombay Beach, CA 92257, USA