This Fascinating Southern California Shipwreck Has Been Abandoned And Reclaimed By Nature For Decades Now

It is incredibly interesting to see the power of nature in action, how it turns abandoned structures into crumbling ruins. The more historic a location, the more opportunities there are to see this kind of fascinating process. But even in this state, there are some very interesting decades-old ruins to discover. For example, the S.S. Dominator is a shipwreck in Southern California that has been reclaimed by nature.

This abandoned shipwreck in Southern California is a perfect example of the power of nature. Have you seen it? Would you want to hike to the ruins, or maybe even dive this site? We want to hear from you! If, like us, you cannot get enough of interesting ruins, here is another set of coastal ruins to explore!

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Address: Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA, USA