The Magical Wizard Of Oz Themed Festival In South Dakota You Don’t Want To Miss

The iconic Wizard of Oz may take place in Kansas (and in the magical world of Oz, of course!), but did you know that author L. Frank Baum actually lived in South Dakota for a short time? Not only that, but the character of Dorothy is rumored to be based on a young woman who died in a tornado near Aberdeen, which Baum covered during his days as the editor of The Aberdeen Saturday Pioneer. Crazy, right? Now that you know all of this, it only makes sense to pay homage to the wonderful world of Oz, which is exactly what you can do at this magical South Dakota festival:

Address: 225 SE Third Avenue, Aberdeen, SD 57401

You can learn even more about Storybook Land and the Land of Oz by clicking on The Whimsical Park in South Dakota That’s Straight Out Of A Storybook. (Psst… you can camp near Storybook Land, too!)

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