The Farmers Almanac Predicts Winter 2020 In South Dakota Will Have Frigid Temps And Above Average Amounts Of Snow

South Dakota is famous for its cold winters and ample snow, so when we hear that we’re in for a long winter, you know we take notice! Each year, the Farmer’s Almanac (“America’s #1 almanac and oldest continually published periodical”) releases their predictions about the upcoming winter, which is backed by a whopping 80% of accurate forecasts since 1792. This year’s forecast looks downright bleak, with frigid cold temperatures and above-average snowfall:

We want to hear from you: Are you looking forward to a cold and snowy winter or are you more of a scorching hot summer person? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! If you need something to look forward to this winter, you will want to Take This One Of A Kind Sleigh Ride Through South Dakota’s Winter Wonderland.