12 Extremely Weird Things Only People from South Dakota Do

South Dakotans are a unique bunch who certainly have their own set of quirks and awesome qualities. While out-of-staters might scratch their heads at some of these South Dakota habits and behaviors, I’m prouder than ever to call this beautiful state home. Here are 12 extremely weird things people from South Dakota do.

Quick Hits: Weird Things People From South Dakota Do
By Annie Sandmeier

What are 3 interesting facts about South Dakota? South Dakota is a fascinating state so it is hard to pick just 3 interesting facts. But if we have to narrow it down, we would have to begin with the fact that South Dakota has more coastline than Florida… insane, right?! How is this possible? It’s thanks to both the 231-mile-long Lake Oahe and Missouri River! Want to know another interesting fact? How about that South Dakota has the highest summit east of the Rockies (Black Elk Peak, which sits at 7,242 feet above sea level)? Finally, Belle Fourche, South Dakota is the geographic center of the 50 U.S. states, including both Hawaii and Alaska.

What is South Dakota known for? Mount Rushmore, of course… or so most out-of-staters like to think. One of the biggest signs you’re from South Dakota is when you know there is SO much more to the state than just this iconic sculpture, like the beautiful Black Hills, majestic buffalo galore, and an incredible Native American history that helped shape this unique state.

Is South Dakota a good state to live in? Let me put it this way: Not only is South Dakota a good state to live in, but rather the BEST place to live, period! What makes South Dakota so great? For starters, Midwesterners (namely South Dakotans) are some of the kindest and friendliest people you will ever meet, so you can count on someone always having your back and bringing you a casserole for any (and every) occasion. Next, your backyard looks like something out of a painting, as the South Dakota landscape is colorful and serene. Do you like to save money? You can do so in SoDak, where the cost of living is low and residents do not have to worry about paying income tax. Sound good? Great, as these are just a few of the South Dakota characteristics that make living here so grand.

What other weird or unique things do we do in South Dakota?