This Amazing Timelapse Video Shows South Dakota Like You’ve Never Seen it Before

South Dakota is stunningly beautiful day or night. With rolling plains, hills and an endless starry sky, this timelapse video shows South Dakota in all of it’s glory. Most people go their life without seeing the stars and the Milky Way light up the sky like this. Thanks to all the work that went into creating this timelapse video, we get to experience it played over and over again. Ten seconds of this video is equivalent to 2 hours and 20 minutes in real time.

This jaw-dropping video is a tribute to the endless beauty South Dakota has to offer and it is absolutely mesmerizing.

This phenomenal video was created by Dakotalapse and the music, “Exodus”, was scored by Simon Wilkinson at The Blue Mask. Be sure to check out more Dakotalapse footage on their Youtube channel.

What did you think of this timelapse? Have you had the chance to see the South Dakota night sky for yourself?