This Spooky Small Town In South Dakota Could Be Right Out Of A Horror Movie

Many towns have come and gone in South Dakota. When European settlers rushed the area for land, gold, or to continue the railroad west, settlements would spring up. Some would thrive, some would wither away not long after. The towns that didn’t make it have mostly been completely wiped out and few still remain with buildings standing, but this town in Jones County has haunting remnants left behind that look like they could be directly from a creepy horror movie. You never know what might be lurking behind the rotting walls of these buildings…

Even though the population of Capa is pretty much nonexistent, what lies behind the dilapidated walls of these buildings when no one is looking is unknown. The darkness within homes that once were full of life is eerie to say the least, especially considering the town is so far from any other cities or major roads. Nothing but silence rests here. This place is not the only one in South Dakota that is being reclaimed by nature; there are more featured here.

Most of these photos are courtesy of photographer Paul Williams.