Most People Don’t Know These 11 Super Tiny Towns In South Dakota Exist

There are a lot of small communities in South Dakota and today we want to honor them! These 11 places may be some of the smallest towns in South Dakota, but they are full of charm, beauty, and friendly folks who will welcome you with open arms.

Quick Hits: Smallest Towns in South Dakota
By Annie Sandmeier

What is the smallest town in South Dakota? As you have probably gathered from this article, South Dakota is chock-full of small towns and communities… but which is the smallest of all? That would be Hillsview; an incorporated McPherson County town with THREE residents (as per the 2010 Census). Once a prosperous railroad and agricultural town, Hillsview was at one time home to hundreds of residents and a handful of businesses, but began to see a population decline beginning in the mid 20th century.

How many towns are in South Dakota? In terms of incorporated towns, South Dakota is home to 312. If we count unincorporated communities, however, there are an additional 249.

How many cities are in South Dakota? Not many South Dakota towns have a population of over 10,000, but those that do are considered to be cities, the largest of which is Sioux Falls (171,544). In addition to Sioux Falls, there are another 10 designated cities, including Pierre, Rapid City, and Yankton.

What is the oldest town in South Dakota? Fort Pierre is the oldest town in South Dakota. Originally founded in 1743 (33 years before the Declaration of Independence was even signed!), Fort Pierre was staked and claimed for France by early French explorers who claimed the land by placing a metal plate in the ground. Then, in 1832, Fort Pierre became what it is best known for today: a historic fur trading post.

The best tiny towns in South Dakota are not known by many, but they are filled with charm. Which of the best small towns in South Dakota did we miss? Let us know in the comments!

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