Some Of The Best Crispy Fried Seafood In South Dakota Can Be Found At Jambonz Deux

If you’ve been having trouble finding delicious seafood in South Dakota, look no further! Located on Mountain View Road in Rapid City, Jambonz Deux has some of the best seafood in South Dakota. Open Monday through Saturday for lunch and dinner, you won’t regret stopping by Jambonz Deux.

Jambonz Deoux is a special gem in South Dakota. While geographically far away from Louisiana and the Deep South, the team over here at Jambonz Deux has perfectly imported these delicious recipes and meals to Rapids City, South Dakota. Let us know what your favorite dish was as soon as you stop by.

Address: Jambonz Deux, 740 Mountain View Rd, Rapid City, SD 57702, USA