8 Reasons Why People From South Dakota Are The Best Kind Of People You’ll Ever Meet

Do you know the term “Midwest Nice?” I just so happen to think it was coined after a South Dakotan! If you are from the Mount Rushmore State (or know someone who is), you know there are certain things that make us stand out from everyone else, including these 8 best things about people from South Dakota:

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There’s no doubt that South Dakotans are amazing people. This list of qualities makes those who call this state home even more endearing. What are your favorite qualities of South Dakotans?

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Best Things About People From South Dakota

May 17, 2019

Why is South Dakota important? Aside from housing some of the country’s most iconic landmarks, South Dakota has a rich history that helped shape America as we know it today. From the earliest Native American residents to the Lewis and Clark Exploration all the way to the mining boom that brought thousands of families out west, there is no shortage of things that make South Dakota the important state we know and love. 

What are 5 interesting things about South Dakota?

  1. One of the first and most interesting facts about South Dakota is that we are one of only two states that do not celebrate Columbus Day, but rather Native American Day.
  2. SoDak is home to the second highest point east of the Rocky Mountains, which is that of Black Elk Peak (elevation 7,242 feet above sea level).
  3. Agriculture is our largest industry, with tourism coming in at a close second.
  4. South Dakota is not only nicknamed the Mount Rushmore State, but also the Sunshine State, Coyote State, and Land of Plenty.
  5. The Mitchell Corn Palace is the only corn palace on earth — and even if there was another, it would still be the best!


Who is the most famous person from South Dakota? Not only is there one famous person, but multiple famous people from South Dakota, including Laura Ingalls Wilder (whose childhood homestead you can still visit), legendary broadcaster Tom Brokaw, actress January Jones, “Price is Right” host Bob Barker, and “Entertainment Tonight” host Mary Hart.