What Real Life Looks Like Inside The Snowiest Town In South Dakota

While the average snowfall in South Dakota is closer to 30 inches there is one town that blows that number out of its snow blower before breakfast. With nearly 200 inches of snow per year, Lead, South Dakota has the most snow of any town in the state. Lead South Dakota snowfall records are even more impressive at 320-plus inches. Despite all of that snow, this little town knows how to make the most of it.

Lead South Dakota snowfall numbers are pretty impressive, but there is only one way to deal with it – by showing off your snow shoveling muscles with a proud smile. What is the biggest snowfall you remember? Share your wintery stories with a comment.

Lead has made all sorts of lists because of its snowy skies, so it is no surprise the little town of Lead also made our list of enchanting towns that feel like you’ve fallen in a snow globe.

Address: Lead, SD, USA

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A Little more South Dakota snowfall fun

December 14, 2022

When does it start snowing in South Dakota?

March and April are typically the heaviest snowfall months (March being the snowiest of the two), but snow usually starts falling in November. Occasionally, Jack Frost gets a little anxious and starts his rampage as early as October. The coldest month in the state, January doesn’t coincide with the snowiest, as counter-intuitive as that might sound.

What is the average snowfall in South Dakota?

Generally Eastern and Central South Dakota average around 30-35 inches of snowfall each year. Western South Dakota gets hit a little harder with many areas in the 40-60 inch range. Of course, Lead pushes the average for the whole state up with its mind-boggling 180-200 inches of snow each year.

What are the snowiest cities in South Dakota?

While the average snowfall in South Dakota is much lower, these ten cities really know how to pack in the snow. A lot of emphasis is put on Lead as the snowiest city, however, there are a few other cities that have their fair share of powder each year. Here are the top ten snowiest cities in South Dakota:

1. Lead: 182.2 Inches
2. North Spearfish: 135.4 Inches
3. Deadwood: 133.9 Inches
4. Spearfish: 132.1 Inches
5. Sturgis: 120.2 Inches
6. Belle Fourche: 113.2 Inches
7. Summerset: 57.0 Inches
8. Hill City: 56.2 Inches
9. Custer: 55.8 Inches
10. Clear Lake: 53.5 Inches

Address: Lead, SD, USA

OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article.