This Mesmerizing Time Lapse Video Shows South Dakota Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

One of the best things about South Dakota is that there is a lot of space dark enough to see an immense amount of stars at night. Star gazing here is one of the best experiences many people can have. The milky way can easily be seen in much of the state, and thousands of other stars light up the night sky. On a crystal clear night, the best place to be is outside looking up.

DakotaLapse captures hundreds of hours of footage of this beauty. This is condensed into time lapses and ends up with a video that is more stunning than you would ever imagine. This doesn’t only show the stars. Storms rolling over the plains and the beauty of the farmlands of central and eastern South Dakota are also showcased perfectly here.

The resulting video is simply mesmerizing:

This video won best overall and audience choice at the Chronos Film Festival the year it was produced.

DakotaLapse has made tons of videos, and you can check them out on their Youtube Channel by clicking the link. Who doesn’t love how beautiful the night sky is in this state?

One of my other favorite types of videos to showcase the greatness of South Dakota is from a bird’s-eye view. This drone video taken in South Dakota gives a unique, impressive perspective of some of the state’s most beautiful and eye catching places.

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