South Dakota’s Windiest Road Has Over 300 Curves And It’s Not For The Faint Of Heart

When the warm weather arrives in our state, it’s time to start thinking about some scenic drives. South Dakota’s Black Hills are truly spectacular, and one of the best drives to take there is the Peter Norbeck Scenic Byway. This road is surrounded by beautiful scenery, but you’ll want to take it slow; one section of the byway is the windiest road in South Dakota.

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What’s your favorite thing about driving on Iron Mountain Road?

While you’re in the mood to explore, check out this short hike that offers up some incredible views.

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The Windiest Road In South Dakota

May 21, 2019

What is the most dangerous road in South Dakota? With all of its twists, turns, and switchbacks, you would think that Iron Mountain Road is the most dangerous road in South Dakota, right? Come to find out, it is! While the stretch is undoubtedly beautiful, it is also extremely hazardous, so be sure to take your time when you embark on Iron Mountain.

What are the best scenic drives in South Dakota? Nearly every road, street, and dirt path in South Dakota is scenic in its own way, but there are still a few that stand out as being the most gorgeous in the state. Take, for instance, Loop Road, which winds through Badlands National Park and boasts some downright mesmerizing views of the area’s many layered rock formations. In addition to Loop Road, there is Wildlife Loop State Scenic Byway in Custer State Park, which is chock-full of – you guessed it – different wildlife sightings! Not ready to park the car just yet? We hoped you’d say that, which is why we compiled this list of 6 Beautiful Byways In South Dakota Are Perfect For A Scenic Drive!

What are the best tunnels in South Dakota? While three of the best tunnels in South Dakota can be seen along Iron Mountain Road, there are a number of others you will want to check out, including the iconic Needles Eye and Hood Tunnels. (Needless to say, driving through tunnels has a set of hazards all of its own, so be sure to drive slowly and use caution whenever you visit the area!)