These 4 Hiking Spots In South Dakota Are Completely Out Of This World

The striking beauty of these hiking spots in South Dakota is unreal! We have so much to be proud of as South Dakota natives; it’s important to be reminded of the unique and stunning scenery that surrounds us from time to time. With spring just around the corner, these jaw-dropping views are a good reminder to get outdoors and appreciate all our state has to offer. Here are four trails that offer some of the best hiking in South Dakota:

During these uncertain times, please keep safety in mind and consider adding destinations to your bucket list to visit at a later date.

Have you hiked in all of these stunning spots in South Dakota? Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments; we love to hear from you!

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Best Hiking in South Dakota

September 07, 2021

Where should I stay in South Dakota to hike? 

South Dakota – and the hiking that goes on here – is totally underrated. There are several places you should stay if you plan to conquer some of the best hikes in the state. If you’re hiking at Custer State Park, you could stay in any one of the nearby lodges and resorts, like Custer State Park Resort (of course), Sylvan Lake Lodge, and the Lodge at Palmer Gulch. If you’re hiking in Badlands National Park, the options are plentiful; the closest town to the park is Interior, South Dakota. We like Spearfish Canyon Lodge. For those planning to hike in the Black Hills National Forest, again, you’ve got lots to choose from, like the old Cedarwood Inn or the Hotel Sturgis. Those are the major points of interest for most hikers; be sure to check local Airbnb listings as well – you never know what kind of unique stays you’ll discover. 

What are the most popular hiking trails in South Dakota? 

South Dakota is filled to the brim with stunning hikes and sights to see. The most popular trails among locals and visitors alike include Black Elk Peak Loop at Custer State Park, which will lead you to the highest point in South Dakota. Also within Custer State Park are the Cathedral Spires and Sunday Gulch trails, which are incredibly memorable and super scenic. There’s also the famous Notch Trail, within Badlands National Park, that you can’t miss. You get dramatic views of the White River Valley on that hike that are simply unrivaled. For a list of our favorite South Dakota hikes, check this article out!  

Where can I hike in the Black Hills? 

The Black Hills are one of the top – if not the top – destinations in South Dakota. Would you believe this area alone has somewhere around 450 trails to choose from? It can get pretty overwhelming, but we’ve done some footwork for you. Some of the best trails in the Black Hills (other than ones we’ve already listed) include the incredible Roughlock Falls Trail, Crow Peak Trail, Buzzards Roost, and the Stratobowl Rim Trail, too. For hikers who prefer a challenge, there’s also the Lost Cabin Trail, and the Saint Elmo Peak Trail. Don’t forget to wear good shoes and stay hydrated, friends!