The Story Behind This Haunted Mansion In South Dakota Is Truly Creepy

This historic 19th century mansion in the town of Deadwood, South Dakota, is many things. It is beautiful, lavish, and everything you’d expect for an older mansion that was once owned by some of the wealthiest people in the area. Many people enjoy visiting here to see the century-old artifacts and lovely home, but there is another reason this place draws people in.

The Adams House is said to be haunted.

This place has become notorious enough to be featured on paranormal investigation shows, and many of the tour guides there will tell you that they themselves have experienced some of these hauntings. The story behind it is pretty creepy…

You can visit this house for yourself, and maybe have the chance to experience W.E. Adams’ ghostly presence for yourself. More information on how to take one of these tours can be found here. Even if you aren’t interested in the paranormal aspect, this place is beautiful and full of history, and makes a great stop for just about anyone.