South Dakota Schools In The Early 1900s Are Nothing Like They Are Today

Now that school is back in session for most kids in South Dakota, it’s interesting to take a look back at what that used to look like a century ago. Schools of today are very different from then, having changed from one room schoolhouses out in the farmland for a handful of rural children to more centralized schools that serve hundreds of students from the surrounding areas every year.

Wind the clock back to a hundred years ago and see the difference from then to now:

Things have certainly changed since then, but it is interesting to see that some of these pieces of history are still standing today, even if they are more or less abandoned now. Luckily, some schoolhouses have been preserved in historical towns in South Dakota to keep their history alive. Some of these were still being used well into the mid 1900s, so they are not all that far back when you think about it. What is your earliest memory of school?

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