Visit These 7 Creepy Ghost Towns In South Dakota At Your Own Risk

The feeling of walking through a place that is now completely abandoned, going by the shells of where life used to be bustling some half a century ago, is one that can easily send chills down your spine. There is an eerie sort of feeling at these places and South Dakota has its own hidden within the state. Take a trip to some of these ghost towns if you’re feeling brave…

At one point, these towns were full of people. Many began in the late 1880s and didn’t last until the turn of the century. Some of them actually thrived until declining in the mid 1900s and had populations up until just half a decade ago, dwindling down to less than 10 before everyone had finally left. Now the remaining buildings are the only reminders of what was.

There are many places and hidden spots in South Dakota that nature is reclaiming for its own; take a look at some more startling pictures of what happens as time passes.