The Toxic Blue-Green Algae Responsible For Killing Dogs Around The U.S. Has Been Found In South Dakota

Dogs are man’s best friend, and if there is anything that South Dakotans love, it is our four-legged friends! Fortunately, South Dakota is typically a dog-friendly state, and canine owners have the opportunity to bring their pets with them to parks, downtown areas, and even some restaurants. This being said, dog owners want to keep these loyal family members as safe and healthy as possible, which is why you need to be aware of the toxic blue-green algae that can threaten their lives (and your health):

If you think that either you or your pet have come into contact with blue-green algae, South Dakota Assistant State Veterinarian Mendel Miller recommends contacting your doctor or veterinarian immediately. In addition to contacting a health provider, the South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources also requests that you report any sightings to them by calling (605) 773-4729.