8 Roadside Attractions In South Dakota That Will Make You Do A Double Take

We’ve all heard of weird roadside attractions before, but did you know that South Dakota actually has quite a few of its own? And I’m talking weirder than “The World’s Largest Ball of Twine” sort of weird. These places are very strange and will probably cause you to take a second glance just to make sure you’re believing what you’re seeing. These eight roadside attractions are just that crazy:

Some of these would definitely startle me a bit if I happened to drive by them, others would probably make me so crazy with curiosity that I would just have to pull off and visit them! Have you seen any of these yourself? They’re great to look out for and spot on a road trip, and if you’re looking for drives that are scenic (in ways other than with unusual sculptures, that is), try these scenic byways in South Dakota. Summer is the perfect time for a drive!

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