10 Bizarre Natural Formations In South Dakota That’ll Make You Do A Double Take

Nature will always continue to mystify us, especially with some of the crazy natural formations that come from it. Some of these have seemingly impossible structures while others are just completely out of this world. Who knew that the earth could be shaped in such awesome, yet weird ways?

These 10 natural formations in South Dakota came to be from some of the most bizarre ways and have continued to wow and amaze people for centuries. We might be able to carve a mountain to make it beautiful, but nature did this all on its own. See what you think of them:

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It’s amazing what nature can do, forming the land into structures we could never dream of. Most of these were mostly made by things like erosion or sediment build up over time, but certain formations like the laccoliths are not. Devils Tower is my favorite out of them all, what’s yours?

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