Some Of The Worst Drivers In The Nation Are Found In Three Top Cities In South Carolina According To A New Study

You may want to make sure you’re buckled up extra secure in three South Carolina cities that ranked high in a recent analysis performed by QuoteWizard. The company utilized the data compiled in millions of insurance quotes around the country to index the top cities with both the best and the worst drivers in the nation. Unfortunately for South Carolina, three or our top cities ranked in the top 20 for the worst of the worst.

While being anywhere on the list of worst drivers in the nation is a bad thing, not a single South Carolina city made it in the top 35 of best drivers in the nation either. Maybe it’s time to take a look at how we drive – and who knows… maybe if we pull our overall numbers up, then our overall insurance rates will go down. It’s worth a try!

Do you have any doubts that these three cities belong on this list? Feel free to continue the conversation in the comments.

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