These 10 Counties In South Carolina Have The Worst Drivers In The State

It’s no secret to the residents of South Carolina (or to the whole of the United States for that matter) that South Carolina has been tied for the #1 spot with Montana for worst drivers. In 2014, the number of people who died in vehicle accidents was 585 as reported by the SC Department of Public Safety. This year is going to be worse than that as already we have 676 reported deaths.

If you have ever wondered which places in South Carolina were worse than others than I have answers for you. Here are the 10 counties in South Carolina that have the worst drivers as reported by the SC Department of Public Safety:

There’s no doubt that something serious is going on with the roads in South Carolina. There’re a lot of factors that play into these rankings. Let’s make the next year better for us. I’m sure with a little diligence and a bit more focus on what we’re doing behind the wheel of our vehicles could potentially help to make our roads a bit safer. Drive safe everyone.